Autonomous Vehicles Revolutionize Food Distribution in Lithuania

Lithuania takes a leap into the era of driverless vehicles as robotic and autonomous deliverymen hit the streets of Vilnius, revolutionizing the distribution of food products.

Explore how this pilot project by LastMile and a local delivery company is transforming the way we receive our meals.


Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, has taken a significant stride towards embracing the future of transportation with the introduction of autonomous vehicles.


These cutting-edge machines have embarked on a mission to revolutionize the distribution of food products in the city.

This remarkable feat marks a stepping stone towards the era of driverless vehicles, bringing both excitement and anticipation for the potential they hold.

In partnership with delivery company LastMile, Vilnius has become a testing ground for the innovative autonomous vehicle called Clevon, showcasing the tremendous progress being made in the field of robotics and automation.

 LastMile and Delivery Company Collaborate to Transform Food Delivery

Introducing Clevon: Vilnius’ Autonomous Delivery Vehicle

Vilnius, Lithuania’s bustling capital, has become the stage for a ground-breaking experiment in the world of food distribution.


Through a collaboration between tech start-up LastMile and a local delivery company, an autonomous vehicle named Clevon has emerged as the city’s newest deliveryman.

This compact and technologically advanced vehicle is set to disrupt the traditional methods of transporting food products, catering to the ever-growing demand for efficient and convenient delivery services.

 Testing the Waters: Autonomous Vehicles in Action

Under the scrutiny of eager onlookers, Clevon has taken to the busy streets of Vilnius, deftly maneuvering through traffic at a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour.


Equipped with state-of-the-art cameras and guided by sophisticated algorithms, this autonomous marvel navigates the city with unparalleled precision.

While the vehicle possesses the ability to operate independently, a human supervisor is present to ensure safety during this initial testing phase.

Enhancing Efficiency and Accessibility

With an aim to streamline food distribution, the pilot project will witness Clevon making deliveries of food products throughout Vilnius for a period of at least two months.


These tireless robotic distributors are set to roam the streets of the city center, reaching even the most remote corners with ease.

Designed to accommodate various sizes of food products, Clevon’s versatile trunk ensures that it can cater to both small and large-scale deliveries, ensuring a seamless experience for customers and businesses alike.

Paving the Way for a Driverless Future

As the autonomous vehicle industry continues to flourish, the deployment of Clevon in Vilnius signifies Lithuania’s determination to embrace cutting-edge technologies.


This landmark project holds the promise of transforming the landscape of food distribution not just in Vilnius but potentially across the globe.

By exploring the capabilities of driverless vehicles, Lithuania is spearheading innovation and solidifying its position as a forward-thinking nation at the forefront of technological advancements.


Vilnius, Lithuania, has embarked on an exciting journey into the realm of autonomous vehicles with the introduction of Clevon, an innovative robotic deliveryman.


In collaboration with LastMile and a local delivery company, this pilot project aims to revolutionize food distribution in the city.

The successful implementation of autonomous vehicles in Vilnius not only highlights Lithuania’s progressive stance but also showcases the potential for a future where driverless vehicles play a pivotal role in various industries.

With Clevon leading the charge, the city is poised to embrace a new era of efficiency and accessibility in food delivery, setting an inspiring example for other regions worldwide.

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