I went through pains; couldn’t defecate for one week after my butt surgery – Aba Dope

Social media influencer, Aba Dope, has opened up about the ordeal she went through while undergoing surgery on her body to enhance her looks.

According to her narration, she went through agonizing pain while she was in the process of the surgery and could not defecate for one week after it was done.

The social media influencer noted that while her butt surgery was successful, her quest to modify her face foiled after experiencing side effects that made her go back to undo it.

Speaking in an interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso on The Delay Show which GhanaWeb monitored, Aba Dope recounted the pains she went through in her quest to upgrade her body looks.

“I did surgery on my ass and breast,” she said. “They removed the fats from my breast to reduce the size because it was too big to the extent that I couldn’t even wear a brazier. With my ass surgery, they took fat from my back, waist, and arms and placed it in my ass. I went through pain and couldn’t defecate for one week after my surgery.”

She continued: “There is a pill that we inject, if you buy it from London it costs like 50,000 pounds. When I inject it gives my mouth volume and makes it look bold. It lasts for three months then I’d have to take another one. I tried modifying my face; forehead and cheeks, but it didn’t go well, so I went back for them to take it off.”

Aba Dope further indicated that her surgery was worth it because it has helped to enhance her body as compared to her previous state.

“I think my surgery was worth it because from a flat ass to a voluminous one is okay. My ass used to be flat to the extent that I used to wear foam to give it a shape. I haven’t had any side effects, I would say I made the right choice with the right surgeon,” she said.

Watch the interview below

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