Although admitting his weird public conduct and utterances in recent times, Kwadee said it isn’t enough reason for people to perceive him as mentally ill.

There have been constant reports of the ‘Ofie Nipa’ hitmaker battling mental challenges and having some relapses in recent times.

In 2021, he was said to have been released from the rehabilitation center and was even spotted cruising in town.

He also shared plans to release a couple of ‘come-back’ songs after being away from the music scene for a while.

In one of the recent developments, he was spotted in an uncompleted building, looking unwell and strange.

However, touching on these successive developments, Kwadee, in an interview with Express GHTV said,

“When people say I’m mad I take it as fanfare because it could reflect in your rap meanwhile, I say something sensible. So, I take it as we are mocking ourselves that someone is not happy with something I had done.
For the ‘madness’ let’s take it as someone said it but that’s not true. The way I presented myself and what I say as an act is what people didn’t understand and they think that way.”

Okomfour Kwadee also indicated that his songs are not getting the attention they deserve because of such rumours.

“For instance, there are songs that are good but they don’t do well. There are some of my songs that are supposed to be hits but because people think I’m mad, they’re not doing well like it used to be,” he established.

He further advised the general public against making such claims adding, “You don’t need to ask someone whether he’s mad or not, you’ll see it. People need to know the effects of my influence on society when they tag me as a mad person.”