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Things are tough, everybody is going through it – Adina laments economic hardships

Popular Ghanaian singer Adina recently discussed the challenges she and other artistes face due to the harsh economic climate in Ghana.

During an interview with Elsie Lamar on the Talkertainment show on GhanaWeb TV, Adina emphasized the difficulty of the economic situation and the hope for better opportunities. She explained that she focuses on her craft and the source of her income when facing hardships.

“It’s tough. It’s tough, but we’re just hoping and praying for opportunities that will help make life easier. When I’m going through things, I just try to focus on the craft, focus on what it is that I’m doing that’s giving me the revenue that I want. I just focus, get my passion, and to try not to lose that light that’s inside, because life can be really tough.” she said.

Adina also revealed her recent venture into the fashion business, which she found to be quite challenging due to rising prices and inflation, which made it tough to operate a business.

“I started a business this year. I set up my fashion business, and it’s been ghetto like crazy, and I didn’t realize how difficult it is.

“And this was in a year, too, that things prices were shooting up, and obviously it affects how much things cost or what the total pricing of an outfit is. Therefore, clients are going to say it’s too expensive and you understand them because we are going through it, but lower prices are killing you. It’s crazy.” she said.

Regarding the recent #OccupyJulorbiHouse protest, Adina expressed her understanding of the participants’ grievances. She stated that she believes in people’s right to express their feelings and exercise freedom of speech.

“I feel like everybody has the right to share how they really feel and what they did. I think it was a step in the right direction. They were going through it. They felt like they had the right to exercise their freedom of speech. And I think it was perfect that they did that.

“I’m hoping that we’ll be able to yield some good results because that’s the main reason why they went to go and stand there in the rain and all of that. And I hope that whatever the reasons, everything will be resolved,” she expressed.

Adina’s candid remarks join the calls for a resolution to the economic hardships in Ghana. In September 2023, pressure group Democracy Hub launched #OccupyJulorbiHouse, a social media movement that climaxed with a 3-day protest that saw massive support from a number of celebrities including KiDi, D-Black, Efia Odo and Kelvynboy.

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