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VIDEO: Armed robbers attack Ghanaian church in South Africa; kidnap deacon

A group of heavily armed robbers has unleashed a terrifying assault on Ghanaian worshipers attending a service at the Church of Pentecost in South Africa.

The brazen attackers, armed to the teeth, stormed the place of worship, leaving a trail of chaos and fear in their wake. The situation escalated to the point where they kidnapped one of the church deacons. A video documenting this harrowing ordeal has been widely circulated, shedding light on the audacity of the assailants.

The video, shared across social media platforms, captures the moment when the armed men, resembling characters from an action movie, disrupted the tranquil atmosphere of the church. As the preacher delivered his sermon, the assailants burst into the auditorium, brandishing firearms and demonstrating a ‘Rambo-style’ approach.

Panic and pandemonium immediately gripped the congregation as the armed intruders began robbing worshipers at gunpoint, indiscriminately snatching personal belongings, including phones and valuables. The preacher, presumed to be the spiritual leader of the assembly, was not spared, falling victim to the ruthless criminals.

What’s more, the situation took an even more distressing turn as one of the robbers approached the pulpit, coercing the preacher to lead them to the whereabouts of money kept within the church premises. This audacious demand further compounded the fear and helplessness experienced by the churchgoers.

Watch the unsettling event which was captured in a video shared by the Twitter user @eddie_wrt (formerly on Twitter).

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