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Make laws against public spitting — Dr. Mensa Otabil to African leaders

The founder of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Dr. Mensa Otabil, has been explaining why Ghana and other West African countries are still lagging behind in terms of development.

According to the man of God, attitudes such as spitting in public and indiscipline are undermining development in the African continent.

“When you read Lee Kuan Yew’s book, he would tell you it was law and order; that was the prime level they started with. People had to live sanitary lives; you don’t keep pigs in your home.

“They had to stop spitting in public, all of that. He had to force them into a structured world. That is why now, if you go to Singapore and chew gum and drop it, your life is on the line,” Mensa Otabil said.

Dr. Mensa Otabil, made these remarks in a video of his speech at The Platform Nigeria’s Africa Rising Continent Nigeria’s Strategic Role, shared by his church on October 11, 2023, cited the example of how the founding Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, enacted and enforced strict laws to transform the country.

Source: Kapital Online Team//2023

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