VIDEO: Tiktoker Asantewaa gets emotional as she speaks on barren rumours

Ghanaian TikTok star Asantewaa is speaking up over rumours that she may be barren.

The actress who shot to fame through the video-sharing app has been captured with tears streaming down her cheeks while addressing the said claims on social media.

In a lengthy video shared on her YouTube page, Asantewaa said the rumours have tortured her mental health.

She cited instances where some social media users flooded her comment sections, asking if she wasn’t ashamed to be barren.

“I want you guys to know that before you pick up your phone and say anything to anyone, put yourself in the person’s shoes. Someone came to my comment section and asked if I am not ashamed of being barren,” she said.

“How do you do that? How do you guys do that? How do you get the energy? As if being barren is like not having a particular outfit”, the TikToker lamented.

She continued that “That is so bad. Yes, I am turning 30 next year but is it everyone that came into this world that is going to have a child? Is it a must? What if I have decided not to have a child? What if your plans are not my plans?

“The attacks are too much…I beg you…. is it when you hear that I am dead, that you’ll be nice to me? Some of these comments make us suicidal,” she emphasized.

Accoridng to Asantewaa, she is now compelled to go and run a fertility test to ascertain if she is barren or not.

“You have cautioned me to go and check if I am barren. I am not even aware that I am. So, I will go and check and I will let you guys know the results. If I am barren, life still goes on. I won’t let that break me. If I am not, you guys will see. But for now, let some of us rest we beg you,” she said in the video below.


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