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Former fetish priest becomes Bishop of Methodist Church of Ghana

The current Bishop of the recently established Ho Diocese of the Methodist Church of Ghana was met with cautions against his choice to repudiate the gods and cease idolatry years ago, but he stayed unwavering.

When Rt. Rev. Matthew Zikpi was a student teacher at Asiana in the Ashanti Region in 1973, it is said that his uncle indoctrinated him into voodooism.

As per, he acquired the knowledge of tapping palm wine and distilling local gin when he was appointed as the Deputy Chief Priest of the Alifia Shrine in 1978.

“No one has ever defeated him in an alcohol-drinking competition, as he was able to consume large volumes of alcohol without getting drunk.

“After several attempts by his elder brother, he denounced his deity, gave his life to Christ in 1984, relocated and joined his elder brother at Assin Atwereboanda where they fellowshipped with the Methodist Church,” the news website reports.

However, following his decision to serve God and abandon idol worshipping, Rt. Rev. Zikpi obtained a Diploma in Ministry certificate from the Trinity Theological Seminary and a Theology Certificate with distinction from the University of Ghana, Legon.

He was then commissioned into the Ordained Ministry of the Methodist Church in 2001. Then in 2004, He was ordained as a Minister.

Rt. Rev. Zikpi server served the church in several capacities and rose through the ranks to become the Bishop of the newly inaugurated Ho Diocese.

He has pledged to use his new position to win more souls for Christ and expand the Methodist Church across the Volta and Oti Regions.

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