4 ‘fierce’ tips to give a woman the best orgasm ever!

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While some team of British researchers unraveled that up to 70% of women fake orgasms, this situation could be resolved with the right approach.

There is nothing as pleasurable as leaving a woman almost breathless while giving her the strongest orgasms her body is capable of having.

Orgasms can be likened to a journey up a hill, you get to the hill and your body hits an uncontrolled peak.

Medically, it is described as an Involuntary muscle contraction within the vagina canal and in the pelvic area.

Even for women who claim not to experience orgasms or believe they could never get there, there are ways to make it happen.

Find out where your woman gets sensitive, listen to her, and apply these tips

Start with the best position for stimulation

Let your woman lie on her back with a pillow under her pelvis.

Lying on her back allows the muscles in her body to relax so she can cum easier while the pillow tilts her pelvis and makes her “orgasm zones” more accessible to you.

Apply the edging orgasm

Most guys get so excited when their woman is on the verge of a climax that they would never even think of stopping or slowing down, but if you want to be one of the ‘rare’ men who is known as “the best she’s ever had”, then this different technique is worth trying.

This technique is usually achieved when you bring your lady to the brink of orgasm and then stop touching her “orgasm zone” completely in a tease form.

If you are giving her a clitoral orgasm using your fingers, remove your hand and stop all contact with her clit while you stimulate her breasts or kiss her.

Each time you do this, the intensity of her ‘orgasmic potential’ grows.

You leave her wanting for more and the more you ‘edge’, the harder she comes!

The multiple orgasm technique

A lot of women believe that they can’t have multiple orgasms but it is highly possible.

You can make your woman cum again the second time and it happens by giving her a little time to recuperate after the first orgasm, and then slowly building the pressure up again with a much lighter technique.

Typically, you can use your mouth and tongue to give her a clitoral orgasm and then use your fingers to give her a g-spot orgasm while her clit “cools down”.

By the time she has that g-spot orgasm, her clit (and your tongue) will have recovered and they’ll be ready for a second round.

Vary the styles

Stay still sometimes. Don’t move at all and hold pressure down there.

Whether with a vibrator, your tongue, or a sex toy, stay on the clitoris without moving. It might sound weird, but guys, this will make her go wild.

You can also vary it by motion. Instead of going up and down, you can do swirls, left-right, diagonals, or circles.

Finally, vary your speed and then switch from going slowly to quickly, from up and down, to left to right.

Vary it every thirty seconds or more until she gets to the peak.

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