Priscilla Bossman-Pinkrah wins Miss Grand Ghana 2022

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The 20-year-old postgraduate student was crowned Miss Grand Ghana 2022 at the National Theatre last Friday, July 8, 2022.

Bossman beat 15 beautiful ladies who represented their regions respectively on the night for the Freedom crown and title. However, Bossman from the Central Region won the hearts of the judges and the patrons of the event, therefore, making her the ultimate winner of the crown, title and to represent Ghana at the Miss Grand International this year.

Ezta Mawutor, a 25-year-old level 300 student at Radford University, and Mary Boaduaa, a 20-year-old network engineer took the 1st and 2nd runner-up positions respectively. However, Mary Boaduaa won as a 3rd runner-up whiles Winifred Esi Sam was the 4th runner making Giselle Lum Ngu Fombon the 5th runner-up.

During the final night, the numbers were cut down to 10 for the delegates to continue to compete in the next round and these 10 beautiful ladies showcased how articulate, poised, and eloquent they were in the speech session. However, it was sad only 5 out of the 10 ladies were selected to proceed to the next round of the competition.

The top 5 delegates in no particular order were; Priscilla Bossman-Pinkrah (Central Region), Giselle Lum Ngu Fombon (Oti Region), Ezta Mawutor (Volta Region), Winifred Esi Sam (Ashanti Region), and Mary Boaduaa (Greater Accra Region).

Usually, making it into the top 5 as a beauty queen gives the queen the leverage to boost her pageant CV whenever she intends to compete in other pageants. But for the Miss Grand Ghana organization, these top 5 delegates will represent Ghana each on an international beauty pageant platform thereby making the top 5 placement juicier to be a part of as a contestant.

The performance of all the 15 contestants from the beginning of the show was educative and amusing to the end of the show.

The event had personalities like Miss World Africa 2021 Olivia Yace, Ghanaian actor Majid Michel, and Natalie Fort, who were also the show’s main judges.

However, the auditorium was also filled up with queens from various pageants, fans of the delegates, and people from all walks of life cheering their favorite contestants.


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