Incumbent Kurt Edwin Simeon-Okraku has been reelected as the President of the Ghana Football Association during the highly anticipated Elective Congress held in Tamale, situated in the Northern region of Ghana.

In a remarkable show of unity and support, Simeon-Okraku stood unopposed for the prestigious position.

Nevertheless, the one hundred and twenty (120) delegates gathered at the Congress displayed their overwhelming confidence in his leadership by casting their votes to endorse him as the head of Ghana football’s governing body.

The results of the election spoke volumes about the delegates’ trust in his abilities and vision for Ghanaian football. Simeon-Okraku garnered an impressive 117 votes, constituting a resounding 97.5% of the total votes cast.

Such a strong mandate from the delegates reaffirmed his position as a unifying figure in Ghanaian football leadership.

Notably, only two delegates expressed dissent by voting against his retention, while another delegate chose to abstain from the voting process.

Simeon-Okraku’s reelection marks a pivotal moment in the continued development and growth of Ghanaian football.

With his proven leadership and dedication to the sport, he is poised to guide the Ghana Football Association towards new heights, strengthening the nation’s presence on the global football stage.

This resounding vote of confidence underscores the collective commitment to advancing the sport and its values, as well as ensuring that Ghana remains a formidable force in the world of football.

Kurt Edwin Simeon-Okraku’s second term as President promises to be another exciting chapter in Ghanaian football’s journey of success and excellence.